Bye, Princess Pink Calming Bottles

…Bye Felicia!

While the full range of our blue calming bottles are super popular – Pool Party Blue and Frozen especially, our Pink range of bottles have proven to need a little boost. Most people seem to prefer the brighter colors, so we’re going to be retiring our Princess Pink bottles in both sizes (8oz and 2oz) after our current stock runs out. They’ll be joining our retired Super Hero Red and our Go-Go Dancer Pink bottles.

Princess Pink Settling

Well be keeping our Hot Pink Party around for sure, but we’re going to be thinking up a new name for it as well as changing the formula a bit to hopefully please a broader spectrum of pink fans.

For now, you can get the remaining stock on Etsy or Amazon.

Out with the old, but in with the new! Do you think we need a new color in our lineup? A new version of our existing colors, or even a bit of a change? Please contact us and let us know – and keep in mind we can always do a custom bottle color for you if you don’t see one that you have your heart set on! We’ve done SeaHawk Green Bottles, New England Patriot Bottles (football fans seem to need a bit of calming down time), and custom colors for kids that would make an interior designer cry (but it made them happy, so that’s all that matters).

Let us know what Calming Bottles you want to see and we’ll see how we can help! If your children are anything like mine, they are VERY specific in their likes and dislikes. One wrong cup can spoil a day. In our house it’s red. 100% of the time, red. Red PJ’s, red jackets, red undies, red crayons, red shirts, and red cars. Sometimes it’s just easier to go with the flow…

Now see, doesn’t he look calm?

Ben & Tallulah