The Calm Mom

I began researching these when my son, who was three at the time, was having a hard time staying calm in time-out. His frustration couldn’t easily be tamed, and we needed a distraction. Googling, (as people do) I came across something people called calming jars that were made from glass canning jars. I was mesmerized!

Not being fond of the shape (too big for little hands), size and material (glass with a three year old? No.), I changed the design to a safer and lighter plastic bottle I had around the house, then began slowly experimenting with different colors, combinations, and settling rates. Calm Mom Calming Bottles were born!

Calming Bottles by The Calm Mom

I brought a Calming Bottle into work with me for my desk, and they became popular at my workplace. After that, I began making them for some moms locally. Kids love them, but I’m starting to wonder if adults really like them more, and who people are REALLY buying them for. Especially when I get a request for one in black!

We’ve had custom orders for sports team colors, bottles with beads to represent blood cells as a gift for a doctor, Calming bottles with Lego© pieces, dinosaurs, and ninjas. Let us know what you think up, and we’ll try to help!